Welcome! Have you come to visit in search of purpose, building a game plan for a life transition, exploring more effective ways to connect with your partner, or simply to better understand what this whole coaching thing is all about? I know having a coach has been the single most important investment I have made in creating my own future. I am fortunate to be able to pay it forward through sharing the gift of coaching with others.

I am certified by the International Coaching Federation and was trained through Accomplishment Coaching, a rigorous program offered in NYC. The training and practice hours opened up an incredible world of possibility for me to step into my purpose. For many years I was trapped in the eternal question, "What is my purpose?" This intensive program, coupled with years of motivational programs, retreats, and many motivational books and lectures, led me to my epiphany.

The conversations that have always fueled me are any having to do with fulfillment, transformation and self actualization. Yes, I walked on red hot coals and slept on uncomfortable cots along the way. I was stunned to learn that I could spend the rest of my life partnering with others on their journey. (Hot coals optional!) It was such a relief to have a coach share that she saw this in me. That I was a natural coach.

What about you? I am so much more interested to know what your heart tells you. We are a society that has put the brain in charge. A truly joyful life requires us to hear what the heart has to say. Please call or email me for a consultation. We can have a one hour discovery session to explore whether coaching is for you! And do not allow money issues or time issues to block your intuition to call. One hour - that is what it costs you to simply give yourself the gift of speaking to someone who wants to listen.